Essentially Similar to U.S. Department of Labor Form OSHA

Revised 02/14/11

HMIS Health-1 Flammability-4 Reactivity-0

SECTION I-Product Information

Manufacturer: A.V.W. Inc.                

24 Hour Emergency Phone Number: 800-424-9300

Product Name: Blow Off Air Duster ---8 oz,  3.75 oz, Air Duster in Spanish


SECTION II-Hazardous Ingredients


Petroleum Hydrocarbon                CAS#      68476-86-8


SECTION III-Physical Data

Melting Point:                            -189.9 C

Boiling Point:                            -105 C

Auto Ignition Temperature:           426-537 C

Vapor Pressure:                           14.5 – 26.0 KPA

Specific Gravity:                         (water=1) 0.530 – 0.560

Water Solubility:                         No

Appearance:                                Petroleum liquefied gas. Gas at normal temperature and pressure.


SECTION IV-Fire and Explosion Hazard Data


Flash Point:                               -120 C EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE LEVEL 3 AEROSOL

Extinguishing Media:                   Carbon Dioxide, Dry chemical or foam

Special Fire Fighting Procedures:   Dress in a special gown that can resist high temperature.

Unusual Fire and Explosion:         Highly explosive and inflammable.

Inflammability Limits:                 LSI:    8.5          LII:   1.9


SECTION V-Health Hazard and First Aid

TLV:                                         800 ppm

Carcinogen:                                No

Acute Chronic Health Effects:        Excessive exposure may cause irritation to upper respiratory tract. Excessive exposure may cause carboxyhemoglobinemia, thereby impairing the bloods ability to transport oxygen.

Effects of Overexposure:               Eyes- May cause burn and pain, inhalation may cause drowsiness.

                                                Skin- May cause burn.

                                                Inhalation- Narcotic and death on high concentrations.

                                                Ingestion: Is a gas.

First Aid:          

                                                Eyes- Flush with water for 15 minutes. If irritation persists, get medical attention.

                                                Skin- Wash with affected areas with plenty of water and soap.  Get medical attention.

                                                Inhalation- Move to fresh air. Get medical attention.


SECTION VI-Reactivity Data

Stability:                                   Stable X

Conditions to Avoid:                   Avoid open flames, welding arcs, or other high temperature sources, which induce thermal decomposition and fire.  Do not use in closed areas.


Incompatibility:                          All possible ignition sources, strong oxidizers, caustics, chemically active metals.

SECTON VII-Spill or Leak Procedures

The product is a gas on a normal temperature and pressure. Waste disposal methods: Incinerate on a adequate place according with local laws.


SECTION VIII-Special Protection Information

Respiratory Protection:                 Use the product in a well-ventilated area.

Protective Gloves:                       Neoprene

Eye Protection:                           Use Safety glasses

Other Protective Equipment:          Use gowns and shoes that do not generate static electricity.


SECTION IX-Special Precautions

Precautions in handling and storing:  Keep away from heat and ignition sources.  Do not store containers at temperatures above 120 F.